Friday, March 4, 2011

100 Days in Thailand :: Day 43 - Michael & Kathy visit!

 Today was a special day for us.... because Michael & Kathy Hindes came to visit!

These two really mean a lot to us, and we were so excited to see them in Thailand! Michael and Kathy are our mentors and they are truly like family! They walked us through premarital counseling (and Rusty lived with them during our engagement), Michael married us, and then they were there for us through every up and down our first year of marriage. They know when to challenge us with "tough love" and hard words and they know when we just need a hug and some encouragement. Michael was a great source of wisdom and encouragement when we decided to make The Sound of Hope a non-profit, and now he sits on our Board of Directors. I don't know where we'd be without them!

Plus, we have a lot of fun together.... can't you tell?

When we were planning this trip last June, we met with them to seek their advice. At that point, we were considering a 3 - 4 week trip. Michael quickly informed us that was NOT long enough, and told us that God wanted to do some work in us and through us that required a longer trip. (We have often commented how thankful we are that we listened to him and stayed here longer!)  He then told us that if we'd stay at least 3 months, he and Kathy would come visit us. We booked a 3.5 month trip, and here they are - true to their word!

 The whole crew together after a dinner out!

We tried to pack as much time together as we could into their 3 day visit, and enjoyed every minute. Each time we are with them we are challenged and encouraged! Their visit was definitely a bright spot in our time here. Thanks for coming you two! We love you!

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