Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Family Celebrations

Celebrate good times, come on! Okay... I won't sing, but we have had some fun things to celebrate around here! Unfortunately, it all came in the middle of 2 very stressful months (as in 2 family members in 3 hospitals 5 times...and that's not even all of it!), and I never got to blog about it. So... I thought I'd post a few of my favorite pictures from our latest Family Celebrations! Namely - my brother Brent's wedding, and my Grandfather's 80th Birthday Party!

Congratulations Brent & Melissa!

My brother Brent and his girlfriend (now wife!) Melissa have been dating since their 1st day of Freshman year at Auburn. They finally tied the knot in Birmingham on May 21st!

Here's me and my handsome husband at the Wedding Rehearsal....

My Aunt Angie, Uncle Britt, Rusty, and me outside the chapel before the wedding began...

The happy couple as they were introduced at their reception...

My date for the night (and forever), taking me for a spin on the dance floor!

I wish we had more pictures to share! The ceremony was in a chapel that was pretty dark inside, and we were sitting off to the side (because I sang for the wedding), so we didn't get very many good shots there. And unfortunately, my baby brother had to be taken to the Emergency Room and admitted to the hospital right after the shot (above) was taken. So, I didn't get any good pictures of me and my brothers or parents! Sad! All things considered though, it still turned out to be a lovely night.


Happy 80th Birthday Grandaddy!

On Father's Day (June 19th) we surprised my grandfather with a huge party to celebrate his 80th birthday. My Mom & Aunt Tammy had been working on it for months - inviting everyone in town and all his friends from around the country. Unfortunately, he was admitted to the hospital 3 different times in the weeks leading up to this party. We were afraid he wasn't going to make it! But my stubborn Granddaddy would not be stuck in bed... he was home by the day before the party, and made it to the event on time. Did I mention, he was CLUELESS about what was going on? I wish I had a good picture of his face when he walked into the room and saw all his old friends and family. He was SHOCKED to say the least!

We spent the afternoon eating cake and visiting with the many dear people who came out to celebrate my Grandfather. It was like a HUGE family reunion! I couldn't believe how many people showed up! It was great to catch up with people who have meant so much to my family over the years. Granddaddy looked like a little kid at Christmas - smiling from ear to ear all afternoon. He also got to see a slideshow of pictures, from the time he was a baby until now. Rusty worked so hard on it and it turned out great!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day.....

Grandaddy with all the grandkids  -
my brother Brent, me, my cousin Breeanna, and my brother Jaron.

Me with my cousin Breeanna. 
I know - it's hard to believe we're family with 
my dark hair & brown eyes and her blonde hair & blue eyes!

My baby brother Jaron & his girlfriend Michelle.

Jaron with Aunt Tammy!

My super cute baby cousin Michael....

Baby Michael & Granddaddy...

Heddy Rae (my cousin's nickname) & Grandaddy laughing together...

My godmother "Plain Sue", brother Brent, godfather "Dwightie", and Aunt Angie 
laughing hysterically! I don't know what was so funny, but I love this picture!

Since my grandfather is my last living grandparent, it meant a lot that we could be in there for this celebration (even if we had to drive over 26 hours in a week to make it happen!) It was such a special afternoon!


  1. Thats a sweet picture of yall dancing at the wedding! Love candids like that!

  2. Thanks Katie! I'm a big fan of candids too! Pretty sure my sweet mom snapped that one :)