Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Baby

For those of you who thought I was announcing an October pregnancy, think again! Sorry friends, but this is all about an incredible movie that I want you to see, called...


I have to begin by saying, that I am typically skeptic of "Christian movies". I have seen many of them, and while they have sweet story-lines, there is inevitably something cheesy about them. (Am I allowed to say that as a Christian?! Are you mad at me now? Sorry... just being honest!)

This film is not. Somehow - even with a theme of redemption and forgiveness... a pro-life message... and at one point scripture being shared - I found it authentic. REAL. Heartbreaking. Beautiful.

I IMPLORE YOU - please go see this movie! A special limited release is happening right now, and if I understand correctly the demand for it will directly affect how long it plays and how many theaters it is released to in the future. To quote their site, "An independent movie like OCTOBER BABY lives or dies by its Opening Weekend, and then it's a week to week decision. As long as the movie is selling tickets, it will stay in theaters."

So please go see this movie! It's playing in Alabama, Mississippi, and one city in Tennessee. You can see the list of theaters here. And fyi - if it's not in your area, you can "demand it" by pre-selling 1000 tickets. I know that sounds like a big number, but all it would take is one church to get behind it! There's info on how to do that on the site too.

Some fun facts for those of you in Alabama - it was filmed in Birmingham, Dauphin Island, and Mobile, and the lead role is played by a beautiful girl from Dothan! I went with two of my girlfriends tonight and we loved seeing the familiar scenes of our home state throughout the movie. You can watch the trailer below...

Now, for those of you who don't know, the movie is about a young girl who survives an abortion and is then adopted.... but she doesn't find any of this out until she's 19. You can read more here.

Believe it or not, this has actually happened before! Gianna Jessen is one of the most outspoken, INCREDIBLE women I've ever heard speak, and she is an abortion survivor! She recorded a beautiful song for the movie, and you can hear her talk about her involvement in the video clip below.

If you'd like to download her song, you can buy it here. I bought it tonight after seeing the movie and can tell you it is absolutely gorgeous in its entirety. And while I have you captive, I'll tell you that you should also go watch this video where Gianna speaks in Queen's Hall, Parliament House, Victoria. Australia - on the eve of the debate to decriminalize abortion in Victoria. It will move you, inspire you, encourage you, and challenge you.

Believe it or not - I am not connected to this movie in any way. I'm not on their "street team", I'm not a personal friend of anyone involved, and I'm not being compensated for writing this blog in any way. I just saw a beautiful film with an incredible story of redemption, and I wanted you all to know about it. I hope it gets the support it needs to be seen by MILLIONS of people in America. I think it would bring real healing and forgiveness in the lives of people who have had abortions, or been touched by abortion. And I hope and pray it will prevent future abortions. God has a plan for every child's life! Gianna is living proof!

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