Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mandy's Moon

This is a post for all of you out there who are in the adoption process - whether domestic or international. I recently found the cutest store for adoptive families, and I am SO excited to share it with you!

I didn't realize until we planned to announce our adoption to our families how hard it is to find adoption appropriate items. And just the other day, my friend Malerie was talking about how they wanted an Asian version of a certain doll for their little girl when she comes home. It's getting a little easier to find some of these things thanks to Etsy (and Target - I found adoption greeting cards in Target!) but it usually takes some searching. So when I stumbled upon this store, I was THRILLED!

The store is Mandy's Moon and the owner, Laurie, is the adoptive mom of two beautiful little girls from Vietnam - Mandy and Amy. She was so sweet and helpful when we talked - she even let me use the stork graphic above for my blog (because I've had so much trouble finding any graphics for Thailand adoptions). Isn't that awesome?!

While I think you should really explore the online shop for yourself (I'm pretty sure I still haven't seen all she has to offer) I thought I'd highlight my 3 favorite items - including the one I've already ordered!

1) Adoption Stork Stickers
Aren't these just the cutest?! I love that the babies are wrapped in their country's flag, and I was SO excited to see all the options she had! So many countries (including America) and you can choose the race and sex for the stickers to match your baby. You can also have a blank white background if you ask for it in the notes (which I chose for 1 sheet of stickers, and they're definitely my favorite!) And I love the little Asian hat on the Asian storks!

I ordered 2 sheets for myself, 1 for my friend Malerie (she and her husband are adopting Gia from Korea), 1 for my friend Candice (she and her husband are adopting from China), 1 for my friend Heather (she and her husband are adopting Rowen from Haiti), and 1 for my "blog friend" Polly (she and her husband are adopting Esther from Ethiopia. I'm excited to meet Polly at this conference next month!)

I'm not sure what I'm going to use them on, but they were so cute (and reasonably priced) I had to have them!  I think they would be precious on little thank you gifts at a Baby Shower, or to seal thank you notes for baby gifts or adoption donations too! (Anyone have any other ideas for how to use them?)

2) Flag baby Announcements
This graphic is just the sweetest! I love the little boys and girls holding up the flags from their home country and America! And it's perfect that they are toddlers (because we all know that is typically the age babies come home if you're doing an international adoption). These would be great for announcements or baby showers, and Laurie told me she should be able to add any flags that aren't there yet if you just ask.

3) Adoption Stork Christmas Ornaments
If you love the adoption stork stickers, then you'll definitely love these too! They're resin ornaments made from that image, and I think they are just precious! I'm checking to see if she can do these for countries other than Korea and Vietnam. I think they would make the perfect addition to our Christmas tree as "Baby's 1st Christmas"!

There is so much more I haven't talked about in Mandy's shop - things like Asian Christmas Tree Toppers in traditional dress, Asian dolls, luggage tags - the list goes on! So go check it out and support Laurie's business today!

*I wasn't compensated in any way for this blog, I just loved the store and wanted to share! Laurie did tell me she was excited about the blog idea though (because they are a small family company) so I know she would appreciate your support!

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  1. Oh, Ericka! You are so sweet and thoughtful! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to get the stickers. Too cute!