Monday, March 12, 2012

Prayer requests for our time in Africa...

I've had several people tell us they'd be praying for us while we're in Africa, and some ask how they could specifically pray while we're gone. Here are a few of our requests, if you would like to lift them up for us while we are overseas!

  • Safety - I realize there is no guarantee of safety in this life we lead, and God never promised us we'd be safe or comfortable while serving Him! But we sure are hoping God is not done with us on this earth yet! We would appreciate your prayers for protection and safety - for us and our gear. Last time Rusty was in South Africa (where we will be for about a week of our trip) he was held at gunpoint and robbed (along with 20 members of his World Race team). So we are (understandably) anxious about returning. I am also concerned about the fact that we are going in the summer - as there are many deadly snakes in Swaziland and South Africa active this time of year.
  • Health, Sleep, Energy. We are always on the go during these trips - trying to make every moment count. On our last trip we were working 14 hour days and didn't schedule in enough rest (off-days). Needless to say, we both got terribly sick. We've tried to schedule a little better this time, but being in a new country (with new germs!) and on the go can wear you out! Please pray for our immune systems, for good rest, and for enough energy to get our work done each day!
  • Favor & Traveling Mercies - We'll have about 40 hours in airplanes, around 18 hours of "layovers", and at least 15 hours in cars over the next 4 weeks.
  • Vision for the future. "God ideas" and direction! 
  • Divine Appointments - we want to be walking in God's plan, not our own!  
  • Discernment - to "lean not on our own understanding", but to receive wisdom from the Lord every time we need to make a decision.
  • Help retaining language - I made a real effort to learn about 30 words/phrases of siSwati back in 2007, but I am very out of practice. Please pray that these words will come back to me, and pray it will be (supernaturally) easy to learn more of this language. I want so badly to be able to add to my siSwati every trip so that I can talk with the gogos and children with less of a language barrier!
  • Good internet - so we can share "real time" videos, pictures, and blogs with all of you back home!
  • That all our "goodies" for the kids will get there without customs hassles or lost luggage! (books for the Children's Library, & clothing.) 
  • That God would work through us to show His love to everyone we meet (and that we would be receptive to whatever He asks us to do.)
  • That God would break our hearts AGAIN for the people of Swaziland. We go back to serve, but we also go back to remember why we serve. It is so easy to get comfortable and complacent when we live in America. We are praying God breaks our hearts for what breaks His and renews our desire to love and serve the children (and adults) of Swaziland!

Thank you to each and every one of you who are "prayer warriors" for us! We couldn't do what we do without your prayers covering us!

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    1. Ericka, I can't wait to see your pictures of the kids there and live vicariously through you and Rusty. I'm sure I'll recognize some of the children which will make my heart happy but I’m also excited for what your visit means for the people of Nsoko. They love the Lord so much and I know will be encouraged by you both. Prayers for everything listed above are coming your way!