Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Few of my Favorite Things :: Spring Edition

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things..."

My faithful blog readers might remember when I did my "Favorite Things" post last summer. My plan was to do a post of my favorite things each season - Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. Unfortunately, we moved in the Fall (followed by me being sick a lot) and we were overseas for most of the Winter - so those two months got skipped! (I just couldn't bear to talk about my love of Christmas lights and snow when I was struggling with homesickness in India.) I'm bringing it back this month though - SPRING (even though it already feels like summer here in AL) and will add in the other seasons as they roll around this year. And just like my Summer blog - each of these will be followed up with a giveaway of one of my favorite things!

#1 - Flowers in Bloom
I always know it's coming when I see the first daffodil - or jonquil (or jonathan as my baby brother used to think they were called! ha!) Pretty soon there are pretty yellow flowers everywhere and the trees are bursting in blooms of pink and white! You can't deny it's Spring! I have so many fond memories of picking sweet smelling daffodils for my mother & grandmother growing up. Someday (when we buy a home) I am planning on having hundreds of them in our yard!

#2 - Easter
As much as I love Christmas, Easter is right up there with it for my favorite holiday. What an incredible celebration of LIFE and HOPE! Of course it's important to our Faith that Christ came (Christmas) but what He did at Easter CHANGED EVERYTHING! (I wrote a blog about that this year - check it out here).

 #3 - Baby Bunnies
If you know me at all, then you know I have a thing for bunnies. We had the cutest little baby bunnies in our backyard in Michigan that I tried to catch (unsuccessfully) for almost 3 years! (Which is how I got the nickname "Bunny" from my husband.) Baby animals, especially bunnies, are definitely one of my favorite things about Springtime! I mean, look at that picture. Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever seen?! Someday I might add a bunny necklace to my wardrobe like this one... or this one...

#4 - Pastels
I'll admit I've already jumped into the super bright, bold colors for summer... but I love it when pastels begin to make their appearance in the Spring! There are few things sweeter than little ones in pinks, baby blues, pale yellows, and seafoam green! I found the perfect Spring jeans this year in a pale aqua. LOVE them! (Mine were a $5 find on a sale rack - score! If you love the look, here are some similar ones from ModCloth.)

#5 - Hanging out in the SUNSHINE!
Oh... the warm, warm SUNSHINE! It does something to ya, doesn't it? There are few things better than stepping out and turning your face to the sun that first Spring day! I remember how early Spring used to come when I was in school at Auburn... every March you'd see girls in shorts and flip-flops laying out in whatever sunny spot they could find on campus!

#6 - Teva Flip Flops
I'm pretty sure that the first thing I do every Spring is put on my flip-flops! When it's warm enough for my toes to show it's time for a pedicure and my Tevas! These are absolutely my favorite flip-flops. They are super comfy (they even have some arch support), cheap (only $25!), and cute too! I love that they have extra straps (to me it's a little bit dressier look than just your typical flip-flop). I have them in brown and black and they're my go-to shoes when it's warm out. They travel all over the world with me too!

#7 - Arbonne's FC5 Exfoliating Scrub
I actually use this product year-round, but I'm especially fond of it in the Spring and Summer! With ingredients like Cucumber extract, Carrot extract, Mandarin Orange Peel, Lime Oil, and Grapefruit Peel, it smells so fresh and fruity! This is the perfect scrub to get rid of that dry skin from the winter. It makes your face feel so smooth and soft! (*check back tomorrow for a chance to win this product!)

#8 - These pictures
When we were hired as iStock models, our photographers did a shoot for every season. I think the Springtime shoot may be my all-time favorite! Our first iStock sighting was a photo from this shoot, featured in Neue Magazine! Here are a few of my favorites from that day...

Okay - your turn! What are your favorite Springtime things?

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