Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An apple a day...

Our last day at the carepoint in Nsoko, we decided to bring some apples for the kids who came to eat lunch. I approached some older kids to ask if they would help me "round up" the little ones (as I assumed it would take some time to get them all in a line at the door). What happened next shocked me.

The older kids (teenagers) RAN to the door while yelling for the little ones, who immediately rushed from the playground. The next thing I knew there was a mini MOB all around! I have never in my life seen children so excited about apples! They were not lining up for candy or toys - they were anxiously waiting for a single piece of fruit.

For children who eat meals that consist of only pap (maize meal), beans, and rice, an apple was a very special treat. Their excitement for something so simple gave me perspective, and made me even more determined to see the Community Garden we're starting flourish. This garden will provide not only healthy vegetables for the children at the carepoint (which means more nutritious meals), it will also empower and provide for up to 18 families in the community! To find out more (and to donate to this project), CLICK HERE.

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