Friday, March 30, 2012

A very special "War Eagle Moment"!

If you know me at all (or have even met me once), then you probably know I am a proud Auburn University graduate and a HUGE Auburn fan. So, when we planned our latest trip to Swaziland, I decided to buy Auburn shirts for a few of our "special friends" here. I stopped by the store Bama Fever / Tiger Pride to shop, and after some small talk with the manager the reason I was shopping came up (gifts for the kids in Africa). She began to ask questions and before I knew it, she had filled an ENTIRE BOX full of brand new Auburn clothes, socks, hats, and toys to donate! I was FLOORED! We typically don't take "in kind" donations overseas, but I definitely made an exception that day!

Last week we were able to dress all the preschool kids at our carepoint in a new long-sleeve shirt or a pair of super soft fleece pants (winter is coming!) They all got new Auburn socks too! It was amazing to see their faces when they got their new clothes!

 He was so proud of his new Auburn shirt!

All the preschool kids in their new Auburn shirts and pants!

Mischievous Thembilihle! She looks so cute in ORANGE!

There were even shirts for all the carepoint staff - the Gogo's (Grandmothers) that cook for the kids, the "D-Team" that does discipleship, and the preschool teacher, Bongiwe!

After all the kids were dressed, I took a few minutes to teach them some Auburn cheers. Here they are learning how to say, "Waarrrr Eagle, HEY!"

Of course, I am saving the best for last - we got them cheering on video! They are too cute saying "Auburn Tigers" with their Swazi accents! Talk about a special "War Eagle Moment"!

*For my friends who are Bama fans, you are not forgotten. Although it was painful, I bought some beautiful red and white elephant batiks today that we will have for sale at an event later this year. You guys will love them! We've also got some elephant wall hangings from India, and elephant jewelry from Thailand!


  1. Wow, they say, "Auburn" better than Brent Musburger.

    1. Ha. So true. The video brought a much needed smile to my face and I am glad that AU grads are working to make this world a better place. War Eagle.

    2. Thanks Auburn Elvis & WDE T! War Eagle to you both!!!

  2. Whoa! That made my day!!! I love it so much!