Monday, March 5, 2012

Cruisin' Together...

Valentine's week we took a little vacay. Not just a "we've been working for 6 weeks straight in third world countries now let's take an hour to ride an elephant and call it vacation" - but a REAL vacation! One of those "leave your computer at home and turn your phone off" vacations - and it was wonderful!

Neither of us had ever done a cruise before, and we were dying to give one a try. So when we found a great deal on a balcony room (which we loved!) we hopped aboard the Jewel of the Seas and set sail for MEXICO!

The Jewel of the Seas @ port in Costa Maya

We cruised Royal Carribbean because some friends of mine used to be entertainers on that line, and we really enjoyed the shows! We even got to be in one show - the "Love & Marriage Gameshow" - though it was as embarrassing as it was "fun"! And then the ship re-played the embarrassment over and over on the "cruise channel", making us mini-celebrities for the rest of the cruise! (gee... thanks...)

We also ate... a lot. We won't talk about how much weight we gained (between the 2 of us) in a week! Gotta love all that "all-inclusive" food! YUM!

My favorite part of the cruise had to be Formal Night. I love any excuse to dress up, and I was dying to wear my new RED dress! It was such a wonderful way to spend our Valentine's Night!

(I really wish I could figure out how to scan in our "professional picture" from the cruise, but I don't know how to work our scanner. Just know it's pretty epic - there is even an ice sculpture in it! HA!)

We didn't really pick the cruise for the ports (we didn't care where we went as long as we got some down time together) but we did have fun shopping a little in Cozumel (though I was disappointed in the touristy prices) and eating some authentic Mexican food...

Lunch at a sea-side restaurant... chicken fajitas and fresh guacamole!

Enjoying the view off the island of Cozumel!

A pic of me in my new Mexican earrings! Love them!

The next day, we spent a relaxing afternoon laying out on the beach in Costa Maya. That is... until I got completely fried. Yes - me - the girl who  never burns! 3 weeks later and I'm STILL peeling... ick. :( Mexico, we are not friends anymore!

You can see some of the burn on my chest and shoulders here (my legs matched - I looked like a LOBSTER!) Thank the Lord my back didn't burn! It hurt to even stand in the sun for days :(

Rusty, not burned at all, because his loving wife made him wear sunscreen but didn't take her own advice...

But, even a miserable sunburn couldn't make me miss this GORGEOUS sunset our last night. I felt like I was in the sunset scene where Rose is "flying" in Titanic... so romantic! What a wonderful end to our vacation!

We tried to get a good shot of the 2 of us, but my hair was not cooperating with the wind!

The sky at sunset - unedited. It was absolutely BREATHTAKING!

It was so nice to truly "unplug" from the world and relax together. Our friend Josh said it was a "babymoon" because of our adoption plans, which put everything into perspective! We talked about how even though we don't know when we will bring our little girl home, this will likely be one of our last vacations together - just the two of us. As much as we are looking forward to meeting our Baby Girl, I really want to cherish the time we have left as just a couple. I know when things change they will change quickly! I'm glad we had the chance to make this memory together! :)

*If any of you are looking for cruise suggestions, we would definitely recommend Royal Caribbean to our friends. The staff was wonderful, the ship was super clean, and there was always something fun to do! :)

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