Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Children's Library :: Nsoko, Swaziland

Those of you who follow The Sound of Hope may have heard about this project we started a few weeks ago. We've been asking for donated books and funds to start a Children's Library in each of our homes in India and Thailand, as well as our carepoint here in Swaziland! Books are so expensive overseas and very hard to find, so the children just do not have access to them (not even in the preschool here!) But today - that changed for the kids at our carepoint. Check out the videos below!

The Children's Library :: Part 1

The Children's Library :: Part 2

To help us start libraries for our kids in Thailand and India DONATE HERE.

It was truly incredible to see the reaction of the kids and their teacher! She kept telling us how attentive the children were today because they were so excited about the books, puppets, and flashcards. "Before, they were getting bored," she said, "but now, I have something in my hand to teach them with, and they are concentrating so much!"

We believe this little library is going to make a big difference in the lives of these children. THANK YOU to everyone who donated the books and funding to make this project possible!

*Note - This is just the beginning of this library project here. Our American partners in Nsoko are already talking to some friends of theirs about bringing more donated books to fill these shelves. We can't wait to see the library grow!

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  1. I missed out on sending books this time, but we would love to share our books with these kids. Let us know if we can sent them some other how. so proud of you!