Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Save a Life

Today on facebook I saw a blog from one of my friends titled, "IF YOU ONLY READ ONE BLOG THIS YEAR.... READ THIS!"
Naturally, I obeyed and clicked to read it.

Within moments my eyes were filled with tears and it was hard to see the screen. You see, this adorable little boy named Gabe lives in India. I immediately fell in love with his big brown eyes.... and then I read that he is suffering from life-threatening issues due to Spina Bifeda.

  • He has a lesion protruding from his back which contains his spinal cord, fat, and cerebrospinal fluid. He therefore can not lay on his back.
  • He can not properly pass urine or bowel movements which increases his risk of infection. 
  • He has no movement from his waist down.
  • Due to the cerebrospinal fluid in his lesion he has a high risk of developing meningitis 
  • He has a shunt in his brain which drains fluid into his stomach

As you can see, Gabe does not have the opportunity to function like a typical 1.5 year old little boy. 

Here is a picture of his back....

I hope by now your heart is breaking. I hope you are asking yourself (as I did) - WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?! The good news is, a surgery has been scheduled that will help this precious child, and YOU can help make it possible.

Here are the details of his upcoming surgery.... 

A team comprised of a neurosurgeon and a plastic surgeon are planning a major surgery
to correct his condition.

This surgery will replace the fragile tissue with healthy tissue from the area around the lesion.

The plastic surgeon will cut the tissue from the sides of his back and rotate it into place, 
covering the lesion.

The neurosurgeon will carefully untether the spinal cord and put it back in place.


In total, this surgery costs $4,469 USD or 200,000 Rupees.

Just $4,469 will help save this little boy's life. It doesn't sound like much of a hospital bill to us in America, but in India, that amount of money is impossible to come by. That's why the team working with this children's home has committed to raise the money needed to help Gabe.


The team only has ONE MONTH to raise the money needed for this surgery. Will you please consider giving? ANY amount will help make this possible! This child is living in an orphanage for children with special needs. He needs people like you and me to be his champions - to be his advocates - to love him and care for him. Please consider giving to this cause, and please help spread the word to anyone you know who might want to give!

TO GIVE - go to my friend Lindsey's blog. Here you will find more details about Gabe and very specific instructions for how to donate towards this surgery. CLICK HERE for the link - and thank you in advance for caring about this precious child!

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