Sunday, July 17, 2011

Billboard Sighting!

About a week ago, a friend of Rusty's from 8th grade sent him this picture....

Apparently, we are on a billboard in Wheeling, West Virginia! This is our 2nd billboard sighting, but we didn't get to see the first one (it was a Christmas billboard a few hours away in Michigan, but our friend Jordan wasn't able to get a picture before it was taken down).

I was very glad to see us connected to such a positive message, since we don't have any say in how our iStock* photos are used! I'm still so afraid we'll end up like Joey in that episode of friends....(you know the one... what a nightmare!) Our photos have already ended up as spam once, and on for "How to have a better Sex Life in 2011"  so... you just never know!

Most of the time though, they end up in really fun places. As my friend Katie says - it's like a big game of "Where's Waldo" ;) So, thanks to all of you who've sent us pictures, screenshots, newspaper clippings, or magazines you've found our photos in.  Without you, we'd never know where these shots end up!


*For those of you who don't know, Rusty and I were hired last year by our friends Shawn & Rosie who are iStock photographers. We were starting our own non-profit and were looking for ways to make extra money, when this (very unique) opportunity arose. It's been a lot of work some days, but so much fun! I've been a rockstar, a renaissance queen, a nerd, a nurse, a cowgirl, a cook, a businesswoman, and a bride... among others! You can see our lightbox of photos here.

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