Monday, August 8, 2011

Critical Prayer Need :: The Stanley Family

Dear friends,

I know you are so wonderful at praying for me and my family when we need it, so tonight I'm asking that you drop everything and pray for the Stanley family. Becca & Adam Stanley, their 3 year old little girl Jayci, and their newborn son Caden.

Becca & Adam are friendly acquaintances of mine that I met through my dear friend Carrie. They are a precious couple who have given their lives to ministry. They recently bought a house in inner-city Atlanta so that they could reach out to mentor at-risk children in that area. They're truly an amazing couple!

They also have the sweetest little girl - Jayci, who has been so excited to meet her little brother. I hung out with her one afternoon last month while Rusty was working on a video with her parents. We talked about her baby brother in her mommy's tummy.

Her little brother Caden was born Wednesday August 3rd. Everything seemed normal, and Becca & Adam shared the news of his birth with friends and family. Then, their whole world turned upside down. An hour after Caden was born they found out he had severe heart defects. 

At only 5 days old, Caden went through open heart surgery today (August 8th) to repair the defects.  On top of an already risky surgery, he suffered a heart attack. They will have to keep his tiny chest open for 2 days to let the swelling go down before they can close him up. 

I've been following Adam & Becca's blog, their facebook updates, and the updates on the Candles for Caden page on facebook. I can't imagine how difficult the past few days have been for them... but in the midst of it all they are keeping their eyes focused on Christ and they're asking for prayer for their sweet baby boy. According to their latest update, the next 48 hours are CRITICAL. So I am asking all my blog readers to please, please PRAY!

We know that God can still work miracles, so let's lift up little Caden! Pray for HEALING, LIFE, and STRENGTH for his little body. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and nurses treating him. Pray for rest, strength and peace for his family.

I love what Becca wrote on their blog earlier today in a letter to her son...
"...One day, you will be known not for having a heart that was born "defective" but for having an extraordinary heart that loves and serves Jesus in extraordinary ways. "

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