Friday, April 18, 2014

5 years...

5 years ago today I walked down the aisle while my dear friend sang this song
and I said "I Do" to the one I love. 

has been anywhere this man is... 

3 houses in 2 states 
and an apartment in Thailand


 ...the first few years looked like learning to love the people our spouse loved - 
those related by blood and those dear friends that we consider our "chosen" family

And family the last 2 years and 2 months has meant 
pursuing our little girl through adoption from Thailand. 
(we're praying this will be the year we are matched!)


 has looked like running a nonprofit full-time 
that's raised over half a million dollars 
(thanks to God, not us) 
And believe me - it's a miracle, 
considering our big personalities and opinions - 
that we still like each other after working together 24/7!


have included traveling to Canada, France, India, Africa, and twice to Thailand,
Seeing the Eiffel Tower, Niagra Falls, and the beautiful beaches of Koh Samet...
Visits to orphanages and slums and brothels and leper colonies...
Safaris and elephant rides and snuggling tigers...

There have been many lessons learned while working together, ministering together, traveling together... and even more lessons learned buying and renovating our first house together.

We have truly been on an adventure! We have been abundantly blessed! There have been many memories made in the past 5 years. We've experienced so much JOY, but also plenty of heartache, disappointment, and tragedy. We have celebrated together, and we have grieved together. We've learned not to take a moment for granted... and not to take each other for granted either. Marriage is hard, but beautiful.

It is such a gift to have spent the last 5 years by the side of my very best friend... in sickness and in health, for rich or for poor, in joy and in sadness...

5 years ago today we had the most beautiful, sacred ceremony where we pledged our love and our lives to each other. 5 years ago we danced to this song, and in the years that followed we have learned what it means to truly "be here" for each other.

We have learned that life is sweeter when you don't walk alone. 

Thank you God for this blessing. 
We can't wait to see what the next 5 years hold!


*For a more detailed walk down memory lane, check out my anniversary post from last year -  4 YEARS

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