Thursday, January 15, 2015

31 years

Today I'm 31. Despite what everyone tells you ladies - 30 wasn't terrible. It was a hard year because we lost a dear, dear friend. It was a hard year because our daughter still isn't home from Thailand. It was a beautiful year, because we got to travel again, and be with the precious children we care for in Asia. But mostly - it was just a year. And any year is what you make it.

At 31, I still wholeheartedly believe everything I wrote last year. If you're struggling with aging - please, please read this: [ What I Really Think About Turning 30 ].  It's not my most popular blog, but it's probably my most favorite - because I felt SO alive and SO grateful and SO powerful writing it. 

Please know ladies - these words aren't meant to shame you, but to empower you!! I know this is a huge issue for so many women (and some men too!) I see the Facebook posts. I hear the comments. I almost let it be an issue myself. But friends - we don't have to respond to our birthdays with fear or shame. We all have things we want to change, things we didn't accomplish, and milestones we haven't met - but we don't have to live in regret. We don't have to wallow and grieve. We don't have to respond to aging the way society tells us to! WE GET TO DECIDE!

We have the power to change our perspective, to change our mind, to change our response! As one of my favorite bloggers Glennon Melton says - "let's put on our "perspectacles!" We can choose to age joyfully, gratefully and gracefully. WE GET TO CHOOSE! Every year is a gift. So, here's to another glorious year!!!

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