Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Worth It

A few months ago I was having what I call a "really hard adoption day" when God popped this song into my head. It's an older song - one that I haven't heard of thought of in years. So when it came to mind, I pulled it up to listen to it. (And I'm so glad I did!)

As it began to play, I was immediately overwhelmed with God's presence. I picked up my computer, walked into my daughter's room, closed the door and began to worship through tears as the words washed over me...

I don't understand your ways 
Oh, but I will give you my song 
I'll give you all of my praise. 
You hold on to all my pain 
and with it you are pulling me closer 
and pulling me into your ways. 

Now around every corner 
and up every mountain 
I'm not looking for crowns 
or water from fountains. 
I'm desperately seeking, frantic believing 
that the sight of your face 
is all that I'm needing. 

I will say to you... 
It's gonna be worth it, 
It's gonna be worth it,  
It's gonna be worth it all, 
I believe this. 
It's gonna be worth it, 
It's gonna be worth it,  
It's gonna be worth it all. 

God spoke so clearly to me that day through this song. He reminded me that all of this waiting... hoping... aching is going to be WORTH IT - because our daughter is worth it! She is worth every hard day... every bit of work... every moment of waiting. One day when she is in our arms, we will know for a fact that she was worth it all! (And now, having seen her sweet face, I can already tell you that is true!) He reminded me that someday, when she is safe and loved - here in our arms and in our home.... someday when she knows how much Jesus loves her and that He has a plan for her life... all this will be worth it!

But then... God took it a step further.

God reminded me of who I was when I started this process - and of how far I have come in the past 4+ years. He reminded me how much I have grown... how much my faith has grown. (And how that growth will make me a better mother to our sweet Kate when she is home!) He reminded me how much I have learned about Him... how I have seen His character in new ways... how real and true His faithfulness has become to me through this journey. And God spoke very clearly that this is why it our journey is ultimately worth it.

I do not believe for one second that God is making us wait for our daughter because He wants to teach me something. I do not believe that a loving God keeps mommies and daddies away from their babies... or leaves babies waiting for families in an orphanage. That kind of injustice comes at the hands of men - not from God. My God is a loving Father who sets the lonely in families (Psalm 68:6)... who gives good gifts to His children! (Matt. 7:11 & James 1:17) But I do believe that He is a redeeming God - one who does not waste anything. And I believe that He will take the brokenness and injustice that exists in the adoption world (because my goodness - it should not take so very long to become a family!) and He will use it for our goodness and His glory. And so, I know He has been using this wait (and every painful moment in it) to bring me into even closer relationship with Him.

And someday... when I get to heaven and see His face, I will know that ultimately THAT is what has made this wait worth it all.

So friend... whatever it is that you're waiting on... whatever it is that you're going through... you can trust that He is there for you, right by your side, drawing you near to Him in the waiting. And however hard your season is right now, please know that He will not waste one moment of it. If you let Him, He will change your heart in incredible ways, and show you more of Himself and His love than you've ever known. Someday, I promise, if you open your heart - you will see that this season was worth it, dear one. Hang in there, and lean in to what God is teaching you. It's gonna be worth it.


  1. <3 This song has come up in my life many time, but, for some reason the last two days I have had it in my head (and read it) at least 4 times. Even one of my memories from FB from 3 years ago had the lyrics to this song for todays memories.
    I am excited for your journey and that as the time approaches to meet your blessing, you will realize that It WILL be worth it. God has fully prepared you and will bless you through this adoption process. Praying for you and Rusty and your new daughter!

    1. Thank you Rebekah! We appreciate those prayers more than you know!

  2. Beautiful, we can't wait to see her beautiful little face!

    1. We can't wait to share her photos once we are allowed... she is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Erica, It's been a privilege to read your journey. I believe, with my whole heart as a mama of an adoptive child, that God allows arduous journeys to get our children for their healing! These precious babies need to see, in the story of their lives, how sought after, prayed for, cried for and pursued they are. The more obstacles to their homecoming, the greater story of their worth and significance. I have seen it in our daughter -- sharing the many, many trials to bring her home has brought great light and hope to her story. Keep on keeping on. Your daughter will have a story that will bring hope and healing to her life for years to come. God has this already worked out. Rest in that today!

    1. Melodie - this comment means so much to me. I followed your adoption blog for years, and I so appreciate your insight and perspective! I have never thought of our journey as a form of healing for our daughter. This has completely altered my viewpoint in the best way. Thank you so much for sharing this - and for speaking LIFE and hope and healing over our little girl! Much love to you and yours!!