Tuesday, January 25, 2011

100 Days in Thailand :: Days 5, 6, & 7 - Pattaya

For the past 3 days we've been in Pattaya, Thailand, enjoying a little R&R! We came down to meet Rusty's 80 year old cousin Sam (more about Sam here) who has lived here for 30 years. Well, Sam insisted on putting us up in an incredible hotel AND paying for all our food AND arranging for his nurse to pick us up and drive us here. To say we have been spoiled would be an understatement!!!

It's been SUCH a blessing to have such a luxurious three days in tropical Thailand. We couldn't have asked for better timing (we were finally able to catch up on sleep in a comfortable bed and take a hot shower!)

I'm sure we will be missing this place when we are camping in the villages in Northern Thailand with no running water, so we have done our best to enjoy this blessing. There couldn't be a better example of Philippians 4:12 than our lives right now....
"I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want."
Boy am I thankful that God loves to give good gifts to His children! (and thankful for generous people who are vessels of blessings of plenty!)

Enjoy the pictures below of our time in Pattaya!

The Hotel
After I raved about how nice our hotel was, my Dad asked me the name. 
He laughed when I said, "Holiday Inn", assuming it was like a Holiday Inn at home! 
So here is proof for my Dad that this is no American Holiday Inn - the Thai version is MUCH better!

 Our wonderful soft bed with a down comforter.... I wanted to stay in it all day!
The flowers on the pillows are gifts from Thida - 
they're made of jasmine and roses and they smell amazing!

The view from our balcony - if we were on the other side of the hotel 
you'd see tons of parasailers, jet skis, boats and more of the beach!

 Our INFINITY pool (see how it just drops off the edge?) on the 4th floor. 
There were two more pools in this hotel - all salt water!

 The lobby - I tried not to snap too many pictures and look touristy, 
but it was beautiful so I wanted to share. 
I LOVED the color scheme - blues and greens and silvers....

And I thought these lights were fabulous!

 This was a cafe on one side of the lobby, with a computer area behind it...

 All the shelves were filled with different kinds of glass and metal containers...
which carried over into the room decor as well!

Loved this little sitting area... it was very modern and very cozy all at the same time!
We sat down here to journal one afternoon and enjoyed the most delicious coconut ice cream!

 The restaurant we ate lunch and dinner in everyday. I wish we'd taken more pictures of it!
The inside was beautiful - rich wood floors and walls, lots of seating options (couches with lots of pillows, big chairs, bars, high tables, etc) - even more seating options outside with 
fans and umbrellas, and another pool was beside it as well!

Enjoying a virgin mohito on a hot afternoon! They were DELICIOUS!!!

The same outdoor restaurant lit up at night....beautiful!

Me & Rusty inside playing pool....again, I wish we'd gotten more pictures 
of the restaurant we were in. It was really beautiful!

Out in Pattaya
 A picture by the PATTAYA CITY sign! 
I wanted one from the beach but it was hazy, so we had to get closer!

The beach...not very impressive. I think most of it is gone because of erosion.

A quick shot of the sunset I snapped through the car window!

Look what I found for sale on the street in Pattaya! I was SO excited!!!
I also saw a SkyBar and a Bodega....it made me miss Auburn!

Hanging out with Sam
Of course, we have to share some pictures of our time with the sweet man who made all this possible! We spent time with Sam every afternoon and/or night. He is just precious and so, so generous!

With Sam at his home the first night we met!

With Thida, Sam's nurse, who drove us from Bangkok to Pattaya 
and helped arrange our visit. She was SO sweet! It was truly a blessing to meet her!

 Our last night in Pattaya Sam took us to the grocery store to introduce us to some Thai fruit!
These are MANGOSTEENS that he wanted me to try (because my favorite tea is mangosteen tea!)

 This is what they look like when you cut them open...
the white fruit inside is what you eat!
Sam was delighted when I raved about them... 
they were seriously the BEST fruit I have ever tasted!
The texture was kind of like a plum or grape, only sweeter.
It's my new favorite fruit!

I also tried a longkong. I know it looks like a potato, 
but it tastes kind of like a grape (after you peel it). 
I wasn't a big fan of these... the flavor was kind of a strong acidic taste.

 While we were there we found a Japanese GIANT apple. 
It was HUGE!!!! I've never seen anything like it!

After we shopped for fruit Sam fed us dinner at a nice little counter top restaurant 
right there at the grocery store! It was sort of like a Waffle House, only nicer. 
I snapped this picture of our reflection in the mirrored window across from the counter. 
It was a great night! Thanks for everything Sam!


  1. Sam is so cute and I may have a crush on him! :) Ericka, I enjoy reading your blog updates and looking at all of your pictures. It's amazing to see the things you and Rusty are doing. Just know that a lot of people are very proud of you and are praying for you both. -Jessi

  2. You were right, I did enjoy all those pics! Looks like a beautiful hotel!