Tuesday, January 18, 2011

100 Days in Thailand.... on our way!

I had every intention of writing a blog before we leave for Thailand, sharing how I'm feeling and what I'm thinking as we're preparing to go. It was written in my mind, and I was SO excited about being vulnerable and really "letting you into my thoughts"....

.....but it's 12:35am and our shuttle arrives at 9:00am to take us to the airport, where we will begin our 27 hour travel day.... so I think sleep is going to win out! Sorry friends! I may try to write down my thoughts as we are traveling and share them once we arrive :)

But lucky for you all, Rusty wrote two amazing blogs this week, so I will direct you to his blog to check them out! The first is about The Sound of Hope, and what your donations made happen this Christmas in each country we partner with. The second is more about Thailand - why he is passionate about it and why we are going! (it's some great background info on the situation there that I think you will really find interesting, so please check it out!)

I will say this - first of all, THANK YOU to everyone who has been praying for us as we prepared for this trip. We definitely have needed your prayers! Secondly - please don't stop! We will need them more than ever on our travel day and while we are serving in Thailand!

Tomorrow we fly from Detroit to Tokyo (about 14 hours), and then another 5-8 hours (Rusty can't seem to figure out the exact time) to Thailand. It's going to be a LONG day, and there are some ways you can pray for us....

Please pray for:
  • On time flights (with seats together and extra empty seats for us to sleep in ;)
  • Safe flights (with NO turbulence or weather issues)
  • Alignment for my body - with my neck/back issues whenever I get out of alignment I have horrific headaches and trouble breathing. If you would please pray that my body will stay in perfect alignment while we travel (and while we are in Thailand) I would appreciate it so much!
  • Strength, rest, HEALTH, peace, and a good journey for us....that God would send His angels before us and behind us as we travel!
You can also pray for my HEALTH & HEALING. Unfortunately, after my 30 day treatment (where I took over 300 pills! Ugh!) I still have parasites, and I've been very sick the past two days. Being sick while on airplanes, in airports, and in cabs in a foreign country sounds absolutely miserable to me, so we are believing for HEALING! We have been praying for healing together today, and had a couple from church come over to pray with us too - so if you will believe and pray with us we would appreciate it so much!

And while we are in Thailand, if you would continue to cover us in prayer it would be such a blessing!

Please pray for:
  • Good health - especially pray against parasites, nausea, typhoid, malaria, dengue fever, (common issues overseas) and for perfect alignment for my body
  • Protection - for God to send angels to guard us wherever we go
  • Divine appointments - for God to direct our path each day
  • Opportunities to LOVE - the orphans, the broken, the forgotten, the abandoned, the outcasts
  • Spiritual growth & breakthrough - more growth, a greater anointing, the ability to hear God's voice clearer, and for His Spirit to be upon us and our work
  • Provision - for us and especially for the ministries we will be partnering with! That funds would keep coming in even while we are overseas!
  • Sweet sleep - Satan likes to attack me with nightmares, but we will NOT allow that on this trip!
  • Good communication & protection for our marriage - this is VERY important for any married couple in ministry, especially overseas in a different spiritual climate! Please pray we will be tuned in to God and to each other, and that nothing will come between us or against us! Pray this time will grow us even closer together than we have ever been, and that our marriage will be stronger when we return home!
Okay friends - that's all I can think of right now and exhaustion is setting in, so I must go. Again - THANK YOU for your constant love and support! I don't know what I'd do without you!

Next time I post, we will be half a world away in THAILAND!

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