Thursday, November 17, 2011

Welcome to Asha Mission!

Today we spent about 8 hours visiting Asha Mission - one of the Children's Homes we are partnered with in India. I can't express how incredible these children are - and how good it is to see them so happy and well cared for. They sang and danced and played and prayed - and we were so blessed to be a part of it all!

We got quite the welcome when we arrived (as you will see in the video). What we weren't able to shoot was all 32 children hugging us and introducing themselves to us. It was the sweetest thing!

I spent a lot of time with the girls in their room. I told them I only have brothers at home, and asked if they would all be my little sisters? They were more than happy to agree! Before the night was over, Susheela, the oldest girl, had given me a pair of earrings that she insisted were "too big and heavy for her" - no matter how I argued that she should keep them. At 13, she has only a few belongings tucked in her bunk bed, yet she wanted me to have something of hers. I was beyond moved and put the earrings in immediately. They will remain one of my most treasured possessions.

One of the gifts we brought for each of our Children's Homes, is a copy of The Jesus Storybook Bible. I was able to have "storytime" with the kids and read them "David & Goliath" and "Daniel & The Lions Den" at their request. Their Bible knowledge both amazes and humbles me. These kids know the Word and they are hungry for more!

They are also hungry for more EDUCATION. We heard about how hard they work in school, and that they have received outstanding marks and honors in their classes. The house mom and dad, Sharma and Sasi, are incredibly proud of them, and they shared some of their dreams with us. These children want to be doctors and nurses and teachers and policemen when they grow up.... but it's up to you and me to be sure that happens.

The children asked us repeatedly today, "please do not forget us".  We promised them we wouldn't, and that we would share their stories and their needs with all of you. We told them that you cared about them, that you wanted to know more about them, and that you would be praying for them. They were encouraged and excited to know that there are people in America who care about them!

Over the next few days, we'll be sharing more about the kids at Asha Mission, and what some of their needs are. I can tell you right now that need #1 is a bigger house, considering there are 32 children crammed into 2 small rooms with no place to sleep or play or study. So keep checking back to hear the details of their current living conditions, and to find out how you can help. Together we can provide for these children and empower them to reach their dreams!


  1. Thanks for the great post about Asha Mission. I miss all those sweet children and staff. What a great post to start the day. Give them a hug for me.