Friday, November 18, 2011

Indian Wedding Party!

After dinner at the Children's Home tonight, we heard quite a commotion outside. When we opened the gate, we found this...

Indians take the term "Wedding Party" very seriously! They party for days leading up to the event. One of the traditions is for the Groom to ride through the neighborhood on horseback to the Bride's house - with his friends and family leading the way. They stop every few hundred feet to dance in the street, and people come outside their homes to watch and dance with them!

I love that the Groom really does appear to claim his Bride on a beautiful white horse! It's just like a fairytale! He looks quite dashing, doesn't he? (I wonder where I can find an outfit like that for my husband? ;)

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  1. Ericka, this looks amazing! I'm a friend of Rusty from his Channel 7 days. God is working through you guy. Keep the good work!