Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jars of Clay...

I took this photograph while visiting India last November. These clay water jars were piled against the wall behind one of the school buildings. I thought they were simple but beautiful, and was reminded of this verse when I snapped the photo. 

It is shocking to me that they still use such simple, dirty, clay vessels to carry life-giving water to people. I can think up a long list of better ways to get water from one place to another! What a great reminder that we are not worthy to carry the light of Christ... we are imperfect vessels and God could have chosen a better way! But in his infinite mercy, grace, and love HE CHOSE US to carry His life-giving message around the world. Every day the King of Kings chooses to use us to show his love to a broken world. What an honor.


  1. Beautiful picture and a perfect sentiment to go along with it.

  2. Lovely photo and beautiful message! You should print and frame it if you haven't already, it's so lovely and clearly means so much to you!