Sunday, August 5, 2012

Furniture Makeover :: My Striped Side Table

Before I reveal my latest furniture makeover, let me just say a quick thank you to everyone for your sweet comments on my last blog (and facebook). I can't even begin to express what it meant to have so many of you say you'd be praying for our sweet Kate. We can't wait for her to meet all of you!

I'm looking forward to doing some furniture makeovers for her room someday, but for now I'll stick to projects to sell. ;) My latest was a pretty striped side table for a friend in Oxford, AL. I got my inspiration from this blog - and I knew as soon as I saw her coffee table that I wanted to do a few similar pieces. I started out with this rough looking table from the thrift store...

It was shabby looking already, and I knew it would look great with some big mustard stripes! But first - I had to have some help from my awesome Mr. Fixit Dad. For some reason - the table top was on a Lazy Susan! (So weird, right? I have no idea why you'd want your side table to spin?!) Someone had tried to fix it with nails and screws in the corner and it looked terrible. Dad fixed it (the right way) by replacing the screw holes with wooden dowels and adding brackets underneath. Then I got to painting!

I did 2 coats of Annie Sloan's Pure White - then taped off my stripes and painted them in Arles. Next, I distressed the edges and the top with sandpaper and chipped off some areas to give it a shabby chic look. After a couple of coats of clear wax it was done!

When I sanded to distress it, some of the original paint (a cream color) came through. I really love the way it aged the piece!

Isn't she a beauty?! This is definitely one of my favorite pieces I've done so far. I recently found a coffeetable that I'm planning to paint the same way. (If anyone is interested in buying the coffeetable - be sure to contact me!)

*For those of you on Pinterest, I recently joined and created a board for my Furniture Makeovers. If you'd like to follow me there - just click this link!


  1. Ericka, if it spun like a lazy Susan, chances are maybe it was a gaming table in it's earlier life....for playing board games....yes, I'm showing my age to have heard of such things! Or maybe a card playing table....who knows!!!! I only suggest that might be what it had been since I have seen something like it before. Nice job, by the way! :D I'll bet it would be awesome in a light blue for a beachy type theme room, too! Sending hugs.....Love ya! Mama Sue

    1. Mama Sue you are probably right! My brother guessed maybe it was a scrabble table?

      Rusty agrees with you on the beachy look in blue or yellow! He said every time he sees the picture he thinks it should be in a beach house :) Love you!

    2. Ericka, don't ask why, but my brain just remembered why I knew about the table! I HAD ONE when I lived in GA! Good grief!!!! Mine, the one leg got busted and I threw it away....but I had one that was given to me and I used it for a long time. It swiveled and everything! Apparently, it didn't live long enough to come back to PA from GA!

      LOL, I had to look your blog up just to let you know! I had a very long DUH moment when I realized, uh, had one of those and why you are just now realizing and thinking about it...only the Lord knows!

      Love ya, girl.....and tell my birthday twin Happy Birthday on Friday! :D

  2. Those mustard stripes fit perfectly on that table! It definitely made it look interesting. I recently repainted our old bedside table turquoise for a more vintage feel. My wife loves it so much! Where are you going to put that table, by the way?

    1. Thank you Gerry! I would love a turquoise piece or two myself... I will probably add that color into my decor more when we move. This piece was sold to a friend in Oxford, AL! :)