Monday, September 10, 2012

Sarah's Sheet Music Challenge

Remember when I shared about the vintage sheet music I framed for our living room? I am currently obsessed with sheet music as art, so I volunteered to help one of my readers find some pieces for their home!

Sarah gave me quite the challenge by saying she'd love some pieces for each of her family's states - Washington (where her husband is from), Indiana (where Sarah is from), and Georgia (where they now live with their 2 super cute kids!) Now themes are really easy to find (color schemes, flowers, animals, etc), and names are sometimes easy to find, but I wasn't sure about states. It took me a little while, but Sarah I think I've got some pretty great options for you today!

 Collection #1

We'll start with 3 colorful pieces. The links to purchase these are below each photo, so you can snatch them up if you decide they're right for your space Sarah!

There were a lot of great options for Georgia, but I chose this one because (I think) both of Sarah's babies were born in GA! It was printed in 1923.

This piece was printed in 1917... so I'm pretty sure it's not "Indiana" by John McLaughlin (gosh I love that song!)

I have to admit that The Washington Waddle is my favorite title from this search... and for those of you who know Sarah's husband (he's hilarious) this quirky song title is somehow fitting! Haha! It was printed in 1911.

Collection #2

Now, if you'd like a more muted (and matching) series, here's another option for you!

I love that this sheet music is from Great Britain! It would definitely be a unique piece to add to your collection. I can't find a date on it, but it's beautiful whether it's old or new!

This piece was printed in 1846. Definitely an antique! The age of this music is what makes the price higher... but $40 really isn't a bad price for a unique piece of art (and history) for your wall!

This piece was printed in 1909, so it's another antique piece. The title sounds so romantic to me!

I really LOVE this set! Mustard yellow is very popular these days, and I think these would look amazing together! I love everything about these 3 pieces (if I had any ties to Indiana or Washington I might by this set myself! ;)

Now, just in case none of those strike your fancy, here are some links to a few more great options ::




*Sarah, please let me know if you decide to purchase any of these collections! I'd love to see a photo of them framed in your home!


  1. How FUN Ericka!! Thank you for all the time you put into finding these pieces of art for our family!! Love the Georgia Lullaby for my babies!! And I agree that the mustard yellow is very nice!! I will let you know if I purchase any of them!! Thanks again!! So SWEET of you!

    1. Thanks for the challenge Sarah! I had so much fun finding these for you guys! :) Miss ya'll!!!

  2. I don't know anything about collecting vintage sheet music, but my vote would be for #1. So eye-catching, and it looks like the colors would blend really well together in just the order you have them. And I can just imagine the conversation starters they would be!

    1. Thanks Ms. Sue! I'm anxious to share my holiday sheet music decor with you all soon! ;)