Friday, March 23, 2012

God loves Gogo Flora

Meet Gogo Flora. She had 7 children but they are all dead. Now she is the sole caregiver for her 7 grandchildren. She is crippled, asthmatic, diabetic, and has high blood pressure. She is also full of JOY.

We met her during a homestead visit this morning, and couldn't get her off our minds. I just kept thinking, "What if that was my Grandmother or Rusty's MeMaw? Wouldn't we want someone to take care of her?!" We knew she didn't have much, and felt we needed to bring her some food tonight. So we took a trip to the Spar and picked up some basic groceries - maize meal, beans, soup, sugar, salt, cooking oil, tea, candles, matches, and soap.

When we arrived back at her homestead, she was shocked to see us. When we began unloading the food, she was OVERJOYED! Between her minimal English and my minimal siSwati, we found out that she had run out of food TODAY. She gestured as if to say, "How did you know?!" to which I responded, "Mkulukulu" (God!) Gogo Flora shouted JESUS!!! and began to praise Him. She danced and laughed and clapped her hands. Then she said, (in perfect English), "WE WILL EAT TODAY!" After she hugged us, she hugged herself and began talking in siSwati about how much Jesus loves her and how God provides!

As we drove away, Rusty and I were so encouraged. Friends - this is not a story about our benevolence, this is a story about the GREATNESS OF OUR GOD!

THIS is the God we serve. A God who loves Gogo Flora and her grandchildren so much, that he would send 2 white people over 9,000 miles to be sure that this family didn't even go one day without food. This is MY GOD - a God who is in every detail. This is the God of the UNIVERSE, who is not too busy to care about a single sparrow. If you are struggling today, then I hope this story reminds you who God is. MY GOD will move mountains to care for His children! 


  1. I love it when God allows me to be a part of His plan. Best moments EVER!!!

    1. I completely agree Laura! In those moments, all you can say is "WOW GOD!!!"

  2. This is fantastic!!! So encouraging!!