Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Week in Pictures

Since I'm still behind on blogging, I thought I'd do a quick catch up by hitting the highlights of the past week in a picture blog. Sound good? Okay, great!

Let's start with last weekend. We fulfilled our annual Jackson Family Tradition by driving down to AU for the Auburn vs Arkansas football game. It started out well... we were back on The Plains (my most favorite place in the world) to see the Tigers play. Arkansas was expected to lose terribly, and I was going to get to see lots of my friends!

I'm not sure where things went wrong... but they did. Terribly wrong. Auburn didn't even bother to pretend to play football, and we lost miserably (to what we thought was the worst team in the SEC).

That scoreboard says 7 to 24 Arkansas. My husband was one happy man!

Next, we both got CRAZY sunburned (how could I forget to wear sunscreen to an 11am game?). Then I almost overheated (80+ degrees in October? Seriously?!?) and had to watch the 4th quarter from under the bleachers by the concession stand. And to top it all off, I ended up with blisters on the bottom of my feet! I didn't know that was even possible...but let me tell you, it is painful.

It was definitely one of my roughest gameday experiences to date. But, there's always a silver lining.... and visiting with my sweet friends helped make a crappy day much brighter!

Before the game started, we ran into my friend from high school Randy White, 
and his sweet wife Merritt! It's been YEARS since I've seen either of them!

We got to watch the 3rd quarter with our friends Jefforey and Annah Grace, 
as well as Baby Morgan (present in the cutest baby bump ever!) 
We can't wait to meet Baby M in March! 

 Next up we randomly ran into Brian Keeter - twice! It was great to catch up with him!

On the way out of the stadium we spotted these guys. 
I don't care who you are... that's some funny stuff right there!

Nothing will ease the pain of a loss better than being on Bo Jackson's arm!
He told me not to worry, and to remember that it's always Great To Be An Auburn Tiger!

... and I couldn't walk by Cam without stopping to hold his hand. That #2 is such a stud! ;)

 By this point, I was super sweaty, tired, and sunburned BUT I couldn't leave without visiting Kira & Oliver's tailgate! 
Kira's family throws quite the party, and she also happens to have two super cute kids! 
It was so good to catch up with her...

And to finally meet her precious little boy Charlie! 

Before we called it a day, we had to stop by the KNWA TV van to see Rusty's friend Aaron!

And then we were finally back at the Stoves' house where we stayed. It was nice to spend some time
catching up with Candice (after snuggling and playing trains with Davis and Clay of course!)
And Rusty was glad to have Randall (not pictured) to talk sports with!


The next morning, we were off to Florida! We weren't able to go to the beach this summer, so we were very excited when my parents invited us down for a free trip on their Fall Break! My brothers and their wife & fiance were there Friday and Saturday (we were really sad we missed them!) and then we got to spend Sunday - Tuesday with my parents. We did nothing but sleep, read, lay on the beach, and eat seafood - which was wonderful! We are about to have a super busy few months of work, so it was nice to rest up and enjoy the gorgeous October weather!

 Me and my handsome man!

Me and my Daddy!

A family picture on our last night... if only Brent, Melissa, Jaron, and Michelle could've been there!


And if all that wasn't enough excitement for you... we got home just in time to welcome our dear friends Kevin & Malerie home from Korea with their precious daughter Gia! I can't even begin to explain what an incredible, emotional sight it was to see them walk off that plane holding their daughter!  We are just so happy for them and so in love with their sweet little girl!

Welcome Home Huguleys!!! (Photo by Heather)

Gia's first picture with Uncle Rusty and Auntie Ericka! 

The whole Welcome Wagon at the B'ham Airport (Photo by Heather)


*Whew! Talk about a crazy (but great) week! And I didn't even mention our awesome Community Group on Wednesday night or our fun dinner with new friends on Friday night! We spent today just resting from all the fun. Our hearts are full. Thank you God for all our blessings!

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