Thursday, October 4, 2012

Furniture Makeover :: From Cedar Chest to White & Distressed

*Sigh. I'm behind again. I have SO many fun blogs I want to share with ya'll.... DIY projects, pics from a precious baby shower, a Fall giveaway, and more! But we've just been so darn busy around here! Between work, 3 weddings (in 2 different states), and hosting a weekly community group at our house, things have been a little crazy. But in an effort to catch up, let's do another quick furniture makeover, shall we?

This little beauty was $99 at my local thrift store. (Typically way more than I would spend on a project, but it was REAL cedar from the 1940's, and she just had such beautiful lines!)

I snatched it up for one of my friends, and in my haste I didn't notice that there was a chunk missing from the trim...

Super frustrating! I am normally so careful about choosing pieces that only require a little wood putty (if any repairs), but she was already bought and in my car so I, of course, responded with the 7 words I've said at least a million times in my life...

I'm sure my Dad can fix it!

And he did! I assumed he would find a similar piece of trim and glue it on. But no, SuperDad decided that he would instead carve a new piece of wood to replace the missing trim. Yes, that's right. He handcarved a matching piece! Impressive, no?

Next up was sanding and wood puttying not just scratches, but someones driver's license # that was carved into the top. (I'd seriously like to slap the punk that carved into this beautiful chest.... who does that?!)

Then I painted 2 coats of Annie Sloan's Pure White....

 did some light distressing....

... added clear wax, and TA-DA!!!

Isn't she beautiful? She recently went to live in Baby Gia's room, along with the spotted shelf, and my pretty purple table!

Speaking of Baby Gia, her parents (and our dear friends) Malerie & Kevin leave Saturday at midnight to go get her from Korea! We are just so, so thrilled for them, and we can't wait to meet their precious baby girl! If you think about it, say a prayer for them as they travel (and for Gia as she is about to experience a potentially traumatic time of transition). I know they would appreciate your prayers! You can pop over to their blog to read more of their story here ::

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