Sunday, January 13, 2013

Miss America... I KNOW HER!

Did you read that title in your best "ELF" voice? Oh good. Because that's exactly how I said it! Haha!

I just had to take a minute here to brag on my friend Mallory Hytes Hagan, who won the title of Miss America on Saturday night! Although she competed as Miss New York, Mallory is actually from Sweet Home Alabama, and even attended my beloved Auburn University for one year. She grew up in Opelika, Alabama, and was a teen contestant when I was competing in Miss Alabama. She actually held the Miss Teen Auburn Opelika title one year, while I held the Miss Auburn Opelika title another. Her precious Mom was also on my Board of Directors the year I was Miss Auburn Opelika Area, and did a wonderful job choreographing all the Miss AO pageants! (Mandy - I know you are just bursting with PRIDE right now! Look at what you did... you raised a MISS AMERICA! What an accomplishment! ;)

There she is... MISS AMERICA!

I can't say enough WONDERFUL things about Mallory - or how thrilled I am that she was given the honor to be our 2013 Miss America! I've been following her journey via facebook and twitter the last few years as she competed in Miss NY, and as she prepared herself for Miss America. I know that she has worked SO hard to become the best version of herself that she can be - and that she's worked incredibly hard to shine a light on Child Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention (which is her platform). It was such a treat to see her hard work pay off when they put this beautiful crown on her head!!! She is so deserving of this great honor, and she's going to be a wonderful representative of the Miss America Organization!

Mallory - CONGRATULATIONS on this wonderful accomplishment! I know you are going to do INCREDIBLE things this year as Miss America, and I can't wait to watch it all unfold! WAR EAGLE and God bless you as you begin the journey of a lifetime! 

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