Saturday, January 5, 2013

My First Bridal Show

I realize this post is terribly late, and that I promised you all pictures from my first Bridal Show wayyyy back in October (October? Really! How has it been that long?!) when it happened. But life got a little crazy over the holidays, and my blogging fell to the wayside. Sorry about that!

But tonight, as I prep for Bridal Show #2 (yes! I got hired for a 2nd show! Whoo hoo! ;) I thought it would be the perfect excuse to dig out those pictures and get them posted! Especially since I am technically still stuck in bed recovering from the flu (and yet I'm planning to model in a Bridal Show tomorrow?! What am I thinking? Ya'll better pray for me!) So here goes!

My first Bridal Show was a Perfect Wedding Guide Show, produced by Southern Femme, and held at the BJCC. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a blast! I had so much fun getting all dolled up by the hair and makeup team, and strutting my stuff on the runway! I mean, what woman wouldn't love to be a Bride again?

I modeled 4 gowns from 2 different boutiques - Bella Couture and Ivory & White. The top 3 were from Bella Couture, and the last one was from Ivory & White. As you can see they were all absolutely gorgeous!  I didn't want to take them off when it was over!

I also modeled a bridesmaid look from Mr. Burch - with my handsome groomsman Russ! It was quite the "Pretty in Pink" look!

Here are a few more shots from backstage...

My dress rack!

I loved this gown (above) but my goodness I've never seen so much tulle in all my life! If you look back up to the runway shots, you can see that the skirt was SO big that it hung off the edges of the runway! It was extraordinary to say the least!

With Russ Hobbie - my "groomsman" for the day!

I had the sweetest "dresser" Kristen to work with that day. Thanks for taking such good care of me K!

And just for fun, here are a few interesting moments of the day::
1 - Between rehearsal and hair and makeup, I was eating a snack and reading a magazine backstage. The DJ came up to me and remarked (in a shocked tone) about how relaxed I looked, and how he expected me to be nervous. I wasn't quite sure how to explain to him that after years of pageants this was a breeze! I mean, I didn't have to wear a swimsuit, perform a talent, or answer an onstage question... and no matter what I couldn't "lose". What was there to be nervous about? ;) 
2 - My precious parents insisted on coming to the event so that they could see me model. When I explained where the runway would be my mom asked, "Will they have special seating for the parents?" God bless her.... once a "Pageant Mom", always a "Pageant Mom" I guess! I had to remind her that this was a job for me, and there wouldn't be a "winner" at the end of this event! Ha! I think they might miss my Miss Alabama days just a little bit. ;)

In all honesty, there are times I miss my pageant days too. (Maybe more often than I'd like to admit.) In the line of work we're in now, I don't get many any opportunities to wear an evening gown. As a matter of fact, non-profit work in 3rd world countries is quite the opposite of anything GLAMOUROUS! Most of my days overseas are spent in refugee camps, orphanages, brothels, leper colonies, remote villages, and slums. I absolutely love our work, but it is an entirely different world than the one I used to operate in. So it has been so neat to see how God opened up this opportunity for me to model! He knows how much I miss the glitz and glam, and He knows how much I love to be on stage (or a runway!) And so somehow, He made a way for me to do just that (and get paid for it!) It's so true that He's a good Dad who longs to give good gifts to His children. He always knows what will thrill our hearts!

*Note - the photos with the "copyright" watermark are from Arden Photography. You can see all their shots from the show here!

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  1. Glad to know that you rocked in the show. I too had one in Toronto last year and it was unforgettable. I wish to attend once more. The coming Toronto's Bridal Show is on April. Brides.. Please dont miss it! Visit their website for show info.