Sunday, February 13, 2011

100 Days in Thailand :: Day 23 - Learning Thai

Suwadee Kha! Today we started Thai lessons! We'll be taking lessons in conversational Thai once a week while we are here.  We've also downloaded some podcasts from iTunes to help us learn faster and bought a book....

Here we are with our teacher Jai (or Khruu Jai in Thai! :) I am so glad she's patient, because Thai is very difficult. There are 5 tones, and quite a few vowels and consonant sounds that are not in English! We laugh a lot at ourselves during our lessons (while we try to pronounce the words correctly)....

If you could pray that we pick this language up quickly we would appreciate it. The language barrier is very frustrating when we want to be able to talk to these precious people so badly! Khawp Khun Kha!

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