Friday, February 11, 2011

100 Days in Thailand :: Day 21 - Dinner with Friends

One thing that is so great about being in Thailand is the awesome community of friends we have here. We love hanging out with Ray & Candace Ward and our good friend Mark, and we're really enjoying meeting new friends too!

This week we got together for dinner at the Wards and it was SO much fun! We got to meet a friend of theirs named Jasmine from Australia, got to know Charity better, and we also got to introduce them to our friend Frank who's been serving in Bangkok for the past two years!

 Left to right - Mark, Rusty, Ericka, Charity, Frank, Jasmine, Candace. 
(in the picture below you can also see Ray and their little girl Maile!)

We had a great time together eating delicious food, telling stories, and just enjoying a fun night! Candace is an amazing cook and Charity is a wonderful baker - we had the most scrumptious chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for dessert! It is such a blessing being able to share our lives with these people!

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