Monday, February 21, 2011

100 Days in Thailand :: Day 33 - Remember Nhu

Day 33. Where has the time gone?!? I can't believe our trip is already 1/3 of the way over!

Today, on Day 33, we visited two of the girl's homes that are run by an organization called Remember Nhu.

I've heard lots of good things about this organization, starting with the incredible story of how it was created. Today it was truly a blessing to see it first hand! The main home we went to was clean, cool, and built on beautiful, peaceful grounds. It was full of laughter and smiles - proof that these girls are protected and loved here. Which is a big deal considering what their lives COULD have looked like.

Most of these girls came from high mountain villages in Thailand - places of extreme poverty and desperation. They were at risk of being sold as child prostitutes and slaves. They were at risk of drug trafficking, drug addiction, and a number of other horrors that are common in poverty stricken areas.

The little girl in the brown is only 5 years old. Her name is Maile. The leaders of Remember Nhu found her wandering around, alone, in a village. Her parents were both in prison for drugs. No one was caring for her. No one wanted her. When I looked into her sweet little face I just couldn't believe it! How could this precious child be unwanted - tossed out into the street to fend for herself!?

But here she is safe. And she is loved. Here she's just a normal little girl, giggling as she jumps into a pile of clean laundry. Hugging me tightly around the knees and blowing me kisses as I wave goodbye....

Our American partners here in Thailand told us that this model is a great example of what they want to do with the Children's Home we are building at The Promised Land. And as I looked at the kids' sweet faces my heart was full. Now, when I look at The Promised Land Project I don't just see this....

I see what WILL BE. Beautiful little girls and handsome little boys waving goodbye on the front steps. Children that are free to just be children because they are loved, protected, and provided for. Children who will have a REAL opportunity in the world.

And that makes it all worthwhile.

To give to The Promised Land Project, CLICK HERE.

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