Monday, February 28, 2011

10 Things You Need To Know About Burma

Hi friends! Sorry I've been MIA again - a LOT has been going on! Between the earthquake that hit last Thursday (3/24/11 - don't worry, we're all ok!) and us traveling to see the kids we help care for in the Refugee Camp things have been pretty crazy. Needless to say - we have lots to update you on in the coming days and weeks!

In the meantime, please go check out The Sound of Hope blog! I've been working non-stop for the past 4 days researching for this piece so that those of you back home will be able to understand what is happening in Burma. It is appalling that there are so few people who know about what's REALLY happening in this country. This is a modern day holocaust, and the world is standing idly by as millions of people suffer at the hands of an evil regime.

I hope this is a resource for you to help us raise awareness for this situation AND for you to understand why we are so passionate about caring for kids coming out of this country and into Thailand.

So head over to The Sound of Hope blog and read "10 Things You Need To Know About Burma". Then please help us spread the word by sharing the blog with everyone you know!

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