Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Promised Land Project

I am SO excited to share more with you today about The Promised Land project, one of the projects we are partnered with here in Thailand!

The Promised Land project all started with the dream of a Thai-Karen couple, Panya and his wife Rapee. Located near the border of Burma, The Promised Land Children's Home will be a place where children are rescued from desperate situations such as poverty, abandonment, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, or being forced to fight as child soldiers.

Approximately 7 acres of land has been purchased, which will allow The Promised Land to become much more than just a children’s home. The Promised Land will be a safe environment where children will be given love, stability, shelter, mentoring and an education. At The Promised Land, marginalized children will have a safe place to learn real life skills such as farming, fishing, raising livestock and other agricultural training. The agricultural products that will be developed will allow The Promised Land to become self-sustaining once the buildings are built and children are settled in.

This model of holistic care and self sustainability will EMPOWER the children as they grow older. It will give them the skills they need to provide for themselves and their families AND the opportunities they need to become leaders in their country!

As I mentioned in my last blog, we got an opportunity to visit the land recently, and it is truly INCREDIBLE!

It looks like paradise....

... but there are a lot of other reasons why this piece of land is so special! 

The first is its location - it is located approximately 20 miles from the Bur/ma border (read why that it important here). That means it's strategically located to help rescue not only Thai children, but also Burmese/Karen children. It's also located near schools so the children will receive a great education!

This land is also special because the soil is SO fertile. They are already growing crops of rice and soybeans and will be able to have 4 to 5 crops a year! This produce can help feed the children AND be sold in the market to help cover other costs of running the Children's Home.

 Soybean plants

There is also a fish pond (it's not yet filled or stocked - that's part of what we're raising money for!) which will also provide food and fish to sell in the market. And the land is right near a river, so irrigation will never be a problem!

One of the most incredible things to me though, was what is already growing and flourishing on the land. This piece of land has an ABUNDANT supply of fruit trees and edible plants that can be used for food and medicine! 

There are banana trees....

Jackfruit trees....

Coconut palms
(which are rare up north and can be used for food OR to make pressed coconut oil
- which can be sold for a high price in the market!)

 And sweet, edible bamboo...  

....just to name a few! I can't imagine a more perfect place to start a Children's Home!

This project is overseen by our partners in Thailand - which are the Thai-Karen couple Panya & Rapee and an American couple, Ray & Candace Ward, who have served in Thailand for 10 years. To find out more about them (and The Promised Land Project), check out the video below!

To give a donation today, please CLICK HERE!

An overall estimated 3,000,000 Thai Baht (approximately $100,000 USD) will be needed to see this project fully become a reality. Any amount you can donate will help bring HOPE and OPPORTUNITY to orphans and vulnerable children from Bur/ma and Thailand for generations to come!

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  1. I can't believe how beautiful this place is!!! The colors and how GREEN the grass and trees are, are just stunning!!! I wish I could give...I would love to help. I'll be praying about this. Take care, Ericka and Rusty!!!