Monday, February 28, 2011

Shopping for Adoption

Today, I have a couple of favors to ask all you fabulous friends who read my blog. They're quick and easy.... ready?

#1 - Could you please pray for me? And for our whole crew here? Me, Rusty, and all our American friends in Thailand have been passing around a horrible cold. And apparently the "common cold" in Thailand is way worse than the ones in America. As of today, I think mine may be trying to turn into bronchitis. Praise the Lord I brought a methylprednisolone pack with me! I've been "down and out" for about 6 days now. I'm missing out on a lot of opportunities to serve (and a TON of work I need to do) and the end of our trip is quickly approaching. Would you please pray for COMPLETE HEALING for me? Thank you all in advance!

#2 - Will you hop over to my friend Malerie's blog and my friend Kelley's blog and check out what they have for sale? They are both adopting internationally, and they're trying to come up with creative ways to raise the money needed to bring their precious children home. And if I know you, I know you would LOVE to make a "purchase with a purpose"! Wouldn't it be great to buy something for yourself or a friend that helped put orphans into their forever families?!

Malerie and Kevin are dear friends from Auburn who are adopting from South Korea. You may know Kevin as a member of the band Rush of Fools. These two have amazing hearts for the Lord and they have been aching to be parents for years now. Will you please check out the auctions they have going on right now? They have a gorgeous book wreath and some custom photo frames up for auction right now, with all the proceeds going toward their adoption! They also have photography sessions for only a $100 fee! That is a great deal when it comes to photo shoots - perfect for a new engagement, a new baby, or just some family or friend shots! $75 from each session will help them bring their little one home!

Kelley and I met through the Miss Alabama Pageant, but she's also an Auburn Alumna. She and her husband Scott are trying to adopt their second child from China. They have the sweetest little family, and they are passionate about adoption! They currently have an adorable little boy (Carter), a beautiful little girl (Grace - adopted from China last year) and they are now adopting another little girl from China - Caroline (age 12). Because Grace was just adopted last year, they've been told that if they leave her at home for this adoption (while they go get Caroline in China) they run the risk of setting back her development, bonding, and emotional health. They know it will be best for their family to take both children with them, but it is going to be expensive!

So, this week they are selling these adorable towels! They come in different colors and there are lots of animals, shapes, and letters to choose from. You can order a personalized towel for your sweet kiddo now, and 50% of the purchase will go towards their adoption costs! But hurry - this is the last week they are for sale!

So.... what are you waiting for? Check out these great items right now! :)

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